Montessori Module : Practical Life
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As a Montessori preschool, Little Bumble Bee International Montessori does not only teach knowledge for the intellect, but also how one should take care of him/herself and his/her surroundings. The purpose of the Practical Life area is for the child to develop the skills necessary for use in their daily life to cultivate order, coordination, concentration, independence, and physical strength. It has three main areas:

For the introductory programme:

  • Care of Person: Hygiene, dress, preparing and eating food, fine and gross motor skills
  • Care of Environment: Housekeeping, care of animals and plants
  • Care of World: Social skills, grace and courtesy, community, aesthetics, and spirituality which includes teaching students duas (prayers) for daily activities.

The practical Life area of the classroom provides real life experiences as children pour water, spoon beans, learn to zip, and learn how to do things on their own. These activities give children the opportunity to increase their attention span and independently and to develop the ability to concentrate.

Miss Michelle MacGilpin
Preschool Lead Teacher