Montessori Module : Culture & Science
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In this module, the child develops his awareness of space by learning the elements that make up the physical Earth. He or she learns the continents and countries using puzzle maps, and the solar system using orbital models. The child also gains respect of other cultures by learning about their clothing, food, and way of life. And for the Muslims, we guide the children to explore the Islamic values and parallels in each topic.

Natural Science
Our natural science program grounds children with a fundamental understanding of matter and life and that God created both. Students learn to classify solids, liquids and gasses by working with them. They witness the miracle of life emerging from soil. Practical exercises further allow children to explore properties like magnetism, flotation, and translucence.

The child develops his awareness of time by using calendars and timelines and then learning the timeline of natural history, history of the Prophets, and the seerah Nabi ﷺ

The Montessori Geography curriculum is two-fold: physical and cultural geography. Physical geography discusses the formation of the universe, the creation of the earth, and all its physical properties. Cultural geography is the study of human society and culture. The two together show the child that we are all members of the human race who must co-exist peacefully in order to survive.

Botany work also parallels studies in geography, history and zoology that explore the role of plants on Earth. It is our goal that the children understand, from these studies, the interdependence of all life forms and the custodial role humans must assume to protect and preserve life on Earth.

In Zoology, the child will learn about the Animal Kingdom through outings, circle time activities and manipulatives. He/She will learn the names of the parts of different animals and be able to identify what each part is. As in Botany, he/she will learn these through the use of nomenclature and then once again, he/she will make it to keep.

Besides, they also have time to be exposed to art & craft, music and movement.

Miss Michelle MacGilpin
Preschool Lead Teacher