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Our Programmes


Our English medium programme, where five major avenues of works are involved, Practical Life, Sensorial Development, Language Development, Early Preparation of Mathematical Mind, and Cultural & Science.

Montessori Mandarin

This programme is an extension of our Montessori curriculum. In addition to the five areas of learning in English, we integrate Mandarin into the syllabus. This unique programme is suitable for parents who wish their children to be well prepared to enroll in chinese school or who wish their children to fluently speak Mandarin by age of 7


Developing the necessary skills for use in the daily life to cultivate order, coordination, concentration, independence, and physical strength. It has three main areas: Care of Person, Care of Environment and Care of World.

Enrichment & After School

We also offer additional value added programmes such as Mandarin & Arabic classes, Swimming Class & Archery. Coming soon: Junior Scientist & Robotics club